" I sure did feel pain/stiffness after my Pilates class, like you said I would. It did last for a few days, then I did feel GREAT."

Michele Kelly

     "It was a great work out.  I felt great after the session."

Josephine Verde

     "Jean works with your strengths in order to improve your weaknesses. She is highly engaged and motivated to do her best for everyone.  I would recommend her highly and without any hesitation whatsoever."

Shirley Cirillo

Neurologist at Rochester Neurology PC

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     "This moment of the day is very special.  It's uplifting.  It's like a bouquet of flowers in my day."

Jeannine Meilman

     "Pilates by Jean has been a godsend!  I began Pilates a few months ago with trepidation.  Numerous injuries had kept me in pain, and from working out, for over two years. I knew I would feel better if my body was stronger, but I was fearful of doing more damage, (and also that I would embarrass myself and not be able to keep up!)

     Pilates has strengthened my core, relieving back pain and improved my balance, helping to stabilize my knees.

     Jean is a skilled and patient instructor, with an innate ability to adapt exercises to improve injuries or limitations.

     I feel stronger and healthier and very happy I did not give into my my fears!"

Rosemary R. Gentile

Feel better in your body with Pilates.

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